Monday, December 12, 2011

Moving with the Spirit

Cynthia has brought her autoharp to our St Giles Gate sessions in recent weeks, and it has been a great adjunct to our work. The students strum it using a rubber spatula as we sing songs. Even the more reserved of our children has tried it a bit. The children are making the worship as much as any of us big people are.

Speaking of worship, I has now begun eating the communion bread, a big change for him. We use the Trappist bread recipe I learned in seminary. It is slightly sweet with honey, isn't crumbly, is made with whole grain, and takes no time to make. In lieu of wine, we are now using apple-grape juice. The regular grape juice was too intense for the kids, and this tastes more like the familiar apple juice. I still won't take a sip, but that's okay, since we believe that taking one of the elements is sufficient to fully participate in the sacrament.

We are still looking for more kids to participate, but we are grateful to serve the ones who currently attend.

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